Meet John Payton

John Payton has served as a Collin County Justice of the Peace since 1991. During his time in office, he has presided over thousands of cases and is considered one of the most respected in his field for truancy cases and innovative new programs. He was instrumental in creating the first county-wide Teen Court program and the first civil night court in Collin County. He has worked extensively in the community, leading such programs as Students on Service, disaster recovery clean-up efforts, Habitat for Humanity, Keep Allen Beautiful, Rotary and Lions Club community projects, and has worked tirelessly to assist elderly citizens with remaining independent in their homes for as long as possible.

John has been recognized locally and nationally for his ground-breaking work in adolescent and adult mental health. He has received numerous professional accolades including recognition as one of Plano ISD’s Centennial 100 Heroes, the Friend of Education for Allen ISD Award, and the Community Builder of the Year award from the Free Masons. John has worked diligently for conservative values and has received the Collin County Republican Party Chairman award under 3 different GOP chairmen, the Dixie Clem Young Republican of the Year award, the Judge John McVeigh Memorial award, and was the first recipient of the Fred and Mazzie Moses Community Engagement Award. In 2014, Payton received the coveted Golden Hat Award from the Golden Corridor Republican Women.

John has lived in Collin County for 29 years. In addition to serving as Justice of the Peace, he leads a daily AM radio talk show on issues impacting the family. He and his wife, Shea, reside in Murphy and attend the First Baptist Church of Allen.

Where John Stands on the Issues

Education Reform

Education does not work with a one-size-fits-all approach. I am a strong proponent of parents having the right to choose how and where their child is educated. Additionally, I support education funding reform that ends Robin Hood and will stop top-heavy administrative bureaucracy. We must ensure resources are getting to the classroom.

Jobs for Texans

Texans need jobs and we must stay competitive to keep businesses moving and staying here. To do so, we must keep taxes low, limit unnecessary license requirements, and eliminate excessive and abusive government regulations.

Border Security

Drug cartels, sex trafficking, and violent crimes at the border are the result of failed Washington policies. While long-term solutions must come from the federal government, Texas can enact its own policies to help combat this crisis. Law enforcement must have the needed resources to stop criminal activity once it breeches Texas soil and we must pass legislation that makes living and working in Texas illegally extremely difficult.

100% Pro-Life

Life begins at conception and we must protect it until natural death. It is vital that we safeguard the lives of our most vulnerable; our disabled, our elderly, our terminally ill, and unborn babies.

Transportation Reform

We must stop utilizing toll roads as the first, and many times only, approach to meeting our transportation needs. Texans deserve better. Ending diversions, eliminating wasteful spending, prioritizing, and innovation are key to addressing our mobility issues.

Tax Reform for Texans

I oppose ALL efforts to impose a state income tax and I support a full repeal of the franchise tax. One of my primary initiates in Austin will be property tax reform. Runaway spending and heavy-handed government regulations must stop. We must focus on the core functions of government, stop diversions, and prioritize the budget.

Transparency & Accountability

Texans deserve to know where their legislators stand on issues before the House Chamber. If elected, I will conduct my office with the utmost transparency and will never refuse to disclose my position on policy or fail to take a stand on important votes.

Preserving the 2nd Amendment

I oppose any efforts to limit our 2nd Amendment right. As a husband and father, I must be able to protect my family. As a hunter, I do not believe my right should be limited because of criminals.

Juvenile Justice Reform

The current system is failing our young people. We must take significant steps in reforming probation, mental health, and sentencing guidelines.


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January 21, 2018
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January 23, 2018
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January 25, 2018
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January 30, 2018
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February 1, 2018
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February 3, 2018
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